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Perplexus Maze Game

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Perplexus has an interesting effect on anyone you might show it to. While the transparent puzzle sphere seems relatively harmless at first glance, it acts like a tractor beam, sucking in everyone who tries it and not letting them go until they’ve completed the unique labyrinth. Perplexus is obsessive, it’s expertly designed, and above all else, it’s loads of fun.

It appears to be deceptively simple and easy at first, but once the ball gets rolling, it can prove quite tricky to manipulate a small metal ball through a series of obstacles in a maze. There are many different kinds of obstacles in Perplexus to prevent players from reaching the goal, from stairs, to chutes, to rails, and much more. Oftentimes, a barrier will force the player to shift and twist the sphere, adding dexterity management to an already interesting dynamic; this a great way to help with children’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This additional layer adds a depth to Perplexus that easily catapults it to the top of ingenuity in puzzle design.

The original Perplexus was the first designed in the Perplexus series, and while more simple versions (and more challenging ones) exist, the original is a great starting point for your kids to experience the fun of this addictive puzzle game.

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