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Personalized Spring Deer T-Shirt

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The day my daughter learned her name was an exciting one — especially for her. Suddenly, she began plugging her moniker in to little snippets of songs she was picking up here and there. The “Happy Birthday” song became the “Kiera-Kiera” song, and so forth. For a child beginning to foster a sense of his or her own identity, what could be a cuter gift than a personalized Spring Deer Shirt by Etsy designer Crowsmack?

The mint green and umber tee welcomes spring with its adorable image of a little deer exploring the forest after the season’s last snowfall. Aside from the unique print, shirts can be personalized with a child’s name, quote, or other meaningful message. Unlike some other graphic t-shirts, this one utilizes a multi-color print technique with no stitching, appliqué, or iron on — all of which simply means your child won’t complain that the shirt feels itchy — the print can’t be felt against the skin.

Interesting fact: Crowsmack thought so highly of their deer design that they turned it into a print for the home as well (along with matching green and brown owl and toad prints).

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