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Peter, Paul And Mommy

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What’s an artsy nerd without folk music? Not-an-artsy-nerd, that’s what! Being such, we love everything that comes with good old-fashioned folk tunes: sweet lyrics, sunny skies and turtlenecks, don’t forget the awesome turtlenecks.

If you’re like us and want your little one to appreciate the smooth, silky sounds of a strumming guitar combined with a voice-from-Heaven and maybe a tambourine or two, it’s about time you invested in the Peter, Paul, And Mommy CD. Released in 1969, this album won the Grammy Award for Best Album for Children in 1970, as well as winning our hearts all over again in 2012. If you’ve never laid eyes on this album before — shame on you! — this has some of the greatest hits to have ever exited the mouths of Peter, Paul and Mary.

With songs such as “Going To The Zoo,” “Mockingbird” and the classic “Puff, The Magic Dragon,” these tunes are bound to put flowers in your child’s hair, have them don those bell bottoms they told you they’d never be caught dead in, and beg you to sell the house so the whole family can go live on a hippie commune.

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