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Photographic Card Deck Of The Elements

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It’s hard to say who’s going to like this more: your kid, who will now get to learn about all the elements of the periodic table with real-life examples and important information like the atomic weight and reference symbol of each printed right on the card, or absolutely everyone else you show these too (including yourself).

The pictures on each of the cards not only represent their corresponding elements, but they’re beautifully done in an evocative style, depicted against a black background, giving the a sort of high-tech science vibe. The deck includes 126 elements, meaning that it doesn’t include the weirdo theoretical look-we-made-one-atom-and-that’s-it elements like Ubihexium and Unbiunium – really, most of the “U” elements, except Uranium, won’t be there. No biggie – all the elements your child is likely to come across in real life, and in K-8 science, are here for review. Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen, Iron…Seaborgium…Copernicum…yup, every-day workin’ class Joe Blow elements.

This set is appropriate for kids of just about any age, though naturally you might want to wait to spring this awesomeness on them once they’ve had a science class or two. Atomic theory is just one of those things that needs some explaining. Once they’ve got a handle on the basics of protons, neutrons, and electrons, however, this set should be great fun!

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