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Pi By Numbers Kids’ Tee

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Can you afford for your child to know the value of pi out to anything less than 200 digits? We didn’t think so – not only for his or her sake, but for the sake of new life and new civilizations all throughout the galaxy.

There are two ways for your kid to go through school. Way one: with an actual awareness of pi as an irrational number that stretches out infinitesimally, not truly calculable nor knowable, but essential in understanding math and physics; way two: saying that pi is “basically three.”

Don’t raise your kid to be the second student – pi is not basically three. It is at a minimum 3.14, and it’s impossible to determine the circumference or area of a circle without it.

Now picture yourself as either Sarek or Amanda Grayson and make a choice: do you want your son Spock to suavely walk up to the dangerously malfunctioning computer of the Enterprise and ask it to calculate pi to the last digit, thereby saving the entire ship and a big chunk of the galaxy along with it, or would you like him to say “Hey computer, count to three.”

Thought so. Teach your kids about pi so that they can save the galaxy.

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