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Pigeon Lamp -Thorsten Van Elten

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Embarrassed by the way your kid suddenly transforms into a savage when he/she sees a flock of pigeons on the sidewalk? One day your child is going to run straight into that flock and it’ll be an unfortunate event when that one elderly pigeon doesn’t fly away fast enough.

But that’s not the point we wanted to make. The point is that kids (for whatever reason) love pigeons (namely, running into a flock of them). Even feeding pigeons chunks of stale bread seems like a magical event. Maybe it’s something that comes with childhood, we don’t know, but we don’t know anyone who loves pigeons more than kids (except for the pigeon woman in Mary Poppins… and Mike Tyson). Eh, they’re ok in the eyes of an adult. Some grownups call them rats with wings, buggers of the earth, etcetera, but kids see those flying friends differently. So why not light up their space with a Pigeon Lamp?

Straight from Thorsten Van Elten (a fancy curator of high-design must-haves), this sweet little flying rat is designed by Ed Carpenter and is made from plastic perspex. Before you huff and puff about putting a pigeon in your kid’s room, don’t worry—it’s just half a pigeon. It’s wall mountable, so the other side of the pigeon is flat.

Light bulbs don’t come with this feathery pal, so you might want to stock up on 7W low energy bulbs before the pigeon arrives—we have a feeling this lamp is going to be on quite a lot.

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