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Separated by two decades and residing in completely separate genres, you might not think that Pikachu and Ziggy Stardust would have much in common. Fortunately for parents who want to help their little gamers cross the gap between modern video games and rock and roll icons, Pikachu can pull off glam rock with the best of them.

You can show off your family’s eclectic tastes with this framed print by Hillary White. In it, Pikachu sports Ziggy Stardust’s iconic lightning bolt while holding a similar pose to the album cover art from Bowie’s sixth album, Aladdin Sane. For those who want their children’s music education to be as complete as their gaming experience, this print provides a humorous bridge between one of the most recognizable characters in today’s video game landscape and one of the most influential rockers to come out of the glam rock movement of the 1970s.

This print comes in a variety of sizes ranging from, and can be ordered with or without a frame. It’s printed on acid-free archival paper using an advanced digital dry ink method, ensuring it will remain vibrant long enough to teach your grandchildren about bygone eras of both gaming and rock.

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