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Pi’lo Bird Mobile

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Forget Baby Einstein, Pottery Barn, or even Classic Pooh. Your child’s first visual stimulus, as they gaze up wearily from their bespoke crib, will be this handmade, somewhat stark, naturalistic mobile from Pi’lo. We all want our kids to be surrounded by beauty, and beauty, sadly, is not to be found in just any mobile–most of which feature annoying songs, or cartoon characters, or incredibly bright color combinations. (Really? You need your kid to just calm down in her crib, not work on a song-and-dance routine!)

The makers of this mobile understand that our children need to be surrounded by natural beauty. We know you love a bit of symbolism… so this baby egg, protected by it’s artfully constructed nest, and two loving “big” birds below might just cause you to get all teary-eyed, as you think about how much you love your own little “baby bird.” Furthermore, the mobile features upcycled materials! The birds are made from felt-covered soda bottles, and we all know you’re a sucker for art that repurposes pre-consumed objects. So you can feel good on multiple fronts–you’ve given your child something lovely to look at, and offered them a lesson in eschewing mass-produced goods. Kudos to you!

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