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Pink And Black Diamond Slip On Shoes

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A few years back, the checkered shoe was popular amongst skaters and skate-punk-mallrats who got their jollies off by annoying poor, underpaid mall cops the world over. It seemed like everywhere you looked, there they were. The black and white checkered print shoes were as recognizable as a pair of Doc Marten’s, and were made by the same people who sponsored a famous yearly music tour (that over time has consisted of more screamo atrocities like this instead of much better bands). Kinda don’t know how you can go from Bad Religion and the Descendents to that, but apparently you can.

This up-to-date version of a classic favorite of old and new punks alike, are meant for little ones not yet old enough to ride a skateboard without killing themselves. They’re also geared toward baby punks with a penchant for better tasting music than the above-mentioned Marilyn Manson wannabes (and I’m sorry, but is stuff like that even edgy anymore? I think it’s more the norm than anything else)… but that’s just my opinion. The Me-In-Mind Pink and Black Diamond Slip-On Shoes from Urban Baby Runway are 100% vegan, and are designed specifically for three to eighteen-month-olds who love the cool color combination, despise bands like Motionless in White, and would’ve rocked those black and white checkered shoes back in the day if they were born in the early 90’s or something.

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