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Pink and Black Pettiskirt

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I sometimes get sentimental for the 1950’s. Not the actual 1950’s (which were probably pretty horrible), but the fifties of our collective imagination that contained hoop skirts, sock hops, and Johnny Depp as Cry-Baby. I want nothing more than to have clothes from that imaginary era, but reinterpreted to be a little more goth.

Such clothes might not exist for me, but, thankfully, Huggalugs has created a kid’s skirt that takes the petticoat up a notch, creating perfect punk rock/goth princess apparel. This pettiskirt, made of chiffon, with satin ribbon and a sizable black ruffle, is the perfect outfit for the girl who loves to slam dance and look good while she’s doing it.

The skirt has major puffiness that makes for excellent spinning and dancing. It goes well with anything: it can be dressed down with a t-shirt and leg warmers or dressed up with a sleek shirt and Mary Janes. She could wear it to school and impress her classmates with her flair and color sense, wear it to her cousin’s wedding, or to her roller derby match. Does your daughter prefer to play the villain and the princess? If so, then this is the skirt for her.

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