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Pink Floyd Girlie Snaptee

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In different areas of the country, laser shows are currently playing to the music of Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Tool, & Jewel (totally kidding). These tend to happen in science museums, on their own, or in movie theaters where you can sit back, relax, pop some Raisinettes, trip out on the sugary sweetness, and mainline a gallon of Coca-Cola to your head. Yes, there’s a place when you can enjoy your music, watch a few laser beams, and overdose on sugar, too. Heaven? Sure sounds like it.

Perhaps the most well-known of the aforementioned laser extravaganzas is Laser Floyd, an ongoing show for the past decade or so that caters specifically to the music of Pink Floyd and all their zillions of crazy-obsessed fans….and their children. So the next time you get around to paying for another laser spectacle for you and your baby girl, don’t forget to dress her up in a Pink Floyd Girlie Snaptee by that always clever and crafty designer, Rowdy Sprout; it will match her style with her favorite trippy, dippy, and ultimately awesome preference of music. This unique onesie in all its purple and teal glory and its 100% cotton material is the get-up for this fabulous and over-the-wall event.

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