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Pirate Skull Glow in the Dark Pacifier

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As a big person, you enjoy the darker sides of life. You don’t mind pairing your skull-covered bandana with a skull and crossbones T-shirt. You could also give a crap about wearing both bandana and shirt with those pair of skull-covered, slip-on shoes or sneakers, or the whatever-color laces that you fashion on your boots (also covered in skulls.) And you could really give a skull about what others might think when it comes to your attire, because really, who the heck are they? So when it comes to dressing your little skeleton in the same garb as yourself, you make sure that everything they wear and play with is skull-iciously themed, no matter what.

If you’re one of these parents that think they have everything “skeletal-related” for their own widdle Skeletors, you might want to think again, because pacifiers have now been skullified and pirate-ized as well with The Pirate Skull Glow in the Dark Pacifier. This is an awesome, must-have item for all little pirates of the seven seas, or pirates who prefer to sail along the dangerous waters of their own plastic, blow-up pools. Either way, they’ll be drooling and yarrgghing themselves on towards the next adventure in no time. The glow-in-the-dark feature is a nicely added bonus that adds much in the way to this already attitude-fueled binky. It might even drive off undesirables from stealing all the treasure. Yarrggh.

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