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Pixel Heart Necklace

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The heart container. The essential, life-giving collectable crucial in every Hyrulian hero’s adventure. These shining, bright red hearts add a much needed boost to longevity, provided you scour every nook across the land to find them. Discovered in cliff walls with the help of timely bomb placement, in tree outposts hidden behind invisible pathways, and along shallow tide that cannot be crossed without the help of a raft; these hearts are precious, and any hero is much better off having found them.

And find one we did. The Pixel Red Heart Glass Pendant is a necklace handmade with glass, depicting an image of the classic, yet infinitely useful heart container. Made with a silver chain, this pendant necklace makes a fantastic gift for the geekling in your life who loves jewelry, loves The Legend of Zelda, or, in particularly great cases, happens to love both. Even if not purchased as a gift, the Pixel Heart Pendant is perfect for showing off a love of the Legend of Zelda video game series in a way that’s subtle, but also versatile, as this product can also be ordered as a keychain or magnet. For a quick boost in your life (total), pick up one of these immortalized heart containers.

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