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Plaid Skull Hair Bows

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Nothing says you appreciate the human anatomy more so than wearing depictions of human skulls on your clothing. Some might find this creepy, but not you, you’re proud of yourself. Your mommy and daddy raised you right and taught you to embrace your dark side without fear. They did a great job in making you feel that you could be who you wanted to be without fearing judgment. As little as you were (and this was like, a week ago), you somehow realized you were better for having heard this advice, and now take to wearing skulls in your hair as opposed to cheerleader-type headbands with sparkles and sequins that the zombies in your school wear every day.

Believe it or not (believe it), there’s a hair accessory for you, little lady, available for your pig tailing pleasure. The Plaid Skull Hair bows from Hot Topic are alarmingly adorable, because even the skulls on the bows are wearing little bows. How sassy and classy. This 2-pack of plaid-clad hair ornaments is destined to make non-girly girls, who are girly in their own right, excited to school it up and show-and-tell-it to all the zombie girls in sequins just how gothy of a diva she is. Considering how hard it is to find a decent hair piece, discovering something as cool as this is reason for celebration.

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