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Plan Toys Banjo

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You can find plenty of drums, miniature guitars, tambourines, and shaker eggs to entertain your child. But how many kids do you know who own their own banjo? Hopefully you know at least one, because you’re absolutely going to need to have a dueling banjo contest once your kid figures this thing out. This little red banjo is created by Plan Toys, which is an amazing company that uses green materials, green manufacturing, and an overall philosophy of sustainability.

This is exactly the kind of company you want to support, and exactly the kind of interesting and creative gadget that your little bundle of brilliance will love. Not so much as a toy as simply a child-sized banjo (with strings that you can actually tune), this banjo fulfills the early childhood education criteria that the best “toys” for your child should be real things with real functions. Yep, a banjo is a fun and easy thing to strum, but your kid can also learn to make some music with this thing. Hopefully this forays into a listening excursion into some bluegrass, segueing into Pete Seeger, Beck and eventually perhaps The Avett Brothers or Iron & Wine, and your child will begin to learn the ways in which modern musicians incorporate and honor our musical past.

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