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Planet Saturn Necklace

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Like the song says: if you like it, put a ring on it. Someone must have loved Saturn very much, because it is the most stylishly adorned planet in the whole of the solar system (to be fair, Neptune also has rings, but whoever encircled Saturn went for the deluxe package…Neptune’s fiancée may not have spent a full two month’s salary).

This stylish necklace can be customized to almost any size of chain, so it’s suitable for kids and parents alike. The pendant and chain are silver-plated, and have a kitschy retro-space-age feel that is (look out – here comes some cheese): out of this world. Seriously though – it’s a cute and fun bauble for anyone of any age.

Now, we’re not about to spread gossip and scandal, but the way Cassini has been hanging around Saturn, the Hubble telescope may be getting some hot paparazzi-style pics of an upcoming extraterrestrial lover’s quarrel. It seems like Cassini has been taking some extremely graphic, highly-detailed pics of Saturn that leave nothing to the imagination. If there’s one thing we know about Saturn, it’s that she’s gonna keep that ring, and she should: she rocks it.

When ordering, don’t forget to specify a chain size.

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