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Plastic Bag Monster Kit

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It’s inevitable. You do all your shopping, load up the cart, get to the checkout line of the store and you realize you forgot to bring your grocery bags in with you. The only option is to sheepishly nod when they ask if plastic is alright and, when you get home, you are left with a messload of bags. Now you can use these to clean up after your dog or use them to line small trash cans, but eventually you’re going to build up a cache of plastic bags that threatens to overrun your kitchen pantry.

What to do with all that plastic? Grab this kit for your kids and watch while they put ‘em to good use and create their own monsters from the excess in your kitchen. The kit comes complete with templates, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and a handful of other decorations to spice up those old bags. Your children can create their own monsters or, if they prefer something more professional, they can follow the included instructions to craft one of the suggested designs. Think of it like a semi-free version of LEGOs. Sure, you pay for the kit, but those bags just keep piling up.

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