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Playable Art Ball

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Some of us, children and adults alike, are bonded together by a common refrain that is often uttered/shouted in our direction: “Pay attention!”

We are the doodlers, the pen clickers, the finger tappers of the world. Anytime we’re supposed to be taking notes at a meeting, listening in class, or nodding intently as if we are listening while someone tells a really boring story about their cat or whatever, we’re often simultaneously engaged in some other distracting activity.

We have been called many things: lazy, fidgety, and flighty. My favorite is the saying “Why you’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached to your neck!” Quite frankly, Mom, we’d all have trouble if our head weren’t attached to our neck. Also, quite frankly, scientific studies in learning show that the kinesthetic/tactile memory preference is a valid way to process information. We aren’t just hyperactive; fidgeting turns on our brains.

Sigh. We may never get our parents, teachers, or bosses to understand; but take heart, the people over at Marbles the Brain Store get it. They’ve taken pity on the fiddlers and have given us Playable Art Balls. These colorful interconnected balls put your creative and visual perception skills to the test as you maneuver the balls into endless different shapes and patterns. Made from Italian beech wood and colored with nontoxic, water-based paint, this toy is one great way to show fidgety solidarity with your tinkering offspring.

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