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Playmobil Victorian City Life Set

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Ah! The good old Victorian days. Visits to the local Beefsteak Club. Studying birds for hours on end. Calling cards from gentleman admirers. How could you not have wonderful memories of such a time, in your mind, anyway? Just quickly skip over the poverty, mortality rate and healthcare of that era and we have a perfect society.

That “perfect” society needs to be relived over and over again. And guess who’s making your…err, your kid’s dream come true? Playmobil, via FAO Schwartz, in celebration of the company’s 150th anniversary.

Don’t cause a scene, but this play set comes with 342 pieces. That’s right. You’ve got a whopper of a Victorian playhouse, decked out in all the glorious 19th Century accents, a beautiful fence to keep the hobos out, exquisitely crafted furnishings, a car (watch as your kid asks you what it is exactly), and what else but a horse and buggy. All the Victorian characters are here too, from a dapper gentleman and his dog, to ladies in furs and children in suspenders.

Buy this and we have no doubt your child will have a new appreciation for the finer things in life, and surely nod in agreement to Freddie Mercury’s famous quote being read aloud: “I want to lead the Victorian life, surrounded by exquisite clutter.”

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