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Playsam Rocking Rabbit

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Remember that short story “The Rocking Horse Winner?” No? Well, the plot centers around a little boy who rides his rocking horse hours upon end until he reaches a clairvoyant state that allows him to foresee which winning horses to bet on in the nearby horse races. The gorgeous, lush design of the Rocking Rabbit, by Playsam, has a hint of darkness in it that calls to mind D.H. Lawrence’s haunting short story. We don’t think your little one will ride this lovely toy into clairvoyance, but you never know…

With long leather ears and a shiny black finish, this toy doesn’t call up nursery color schemes, but instead has a modern, sophisticated look that would have fit well into Daria’s childhood boudoir. Of course, the Rocking Rabbit does come in white and red as well, but the black version carries with it a bit of edge, which we know your little one will appreciate. The toy, which has actually won awards for its design (Swedish, but this is no Ikea toy!), is the kind of artisan plaything that later becomes an heirloom your child can pass on to future generations.

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