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Playskool Robot ALPHIE Figure

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ALPHIE is a robot from outer space – or the 1980’s, if you remember him. The last time we saw ALPHIE, he was much less high-tech; apparently he must have gone back to his home world to get an upgraded interface. This time around, ALPHIE is back with a much friendlier, better looking design, but he’s still just as effective at capturing the attention of your child, and having them learn something in the process.

The allure behind what made ALPHIE popular decades ago, and still makes him popular now, is that he becomes something of a friend to your child. ALPHIE can be carried anywhere, and gives positive reinforcement every time your child solves a puzzle or plays with him/it. That positive reinforcement is what sets ALPHIE apart from many other toys. Because he is always smiling and cheering your child on to discover more learning experiences, it seems more convincing than a green light or a thumbs up; it becomes a personal achievement.

This lovable robot comes with 30 double-sided learning cards, each of which has a fun and interactive puzzle on them. Each puzzle is designed to teach your child something new, while ALPHIE talks and sings along with them, helping your child learn while playing. Bring a new friend home for your child (and a little nostalgia for you), with ALPHIE.

The old:

And the new:

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