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Plip Clips – Zoo

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Kids just have a knack for losing things: toothbrushes, combs, pencils, Mom’s keys (that one not so funny!). But what if there was something on the market that magically kept all your tot’s things (and yours) organized and easy to find? You’d snap it up in a second? Well, get snapping.

Tots of all ages will feel smitten when they get a hold of these wacky Plip Clips Zoo Toothbrush Holders. But forget the title of these “toothbrush” holders—these snappy suction cups will hold just about anything that goes walkabout.

Direct from Streamline, these five hungry critters will stick to the mirror or any other clean, smooth surface with their suction cup backs. The designs of these holders are weird and wonderful, with a reindeer, hippo, lion, frog, and monkey among the animals included. We’ve actually fallen in love with that somewhat startled lion ourselves (doesn’t that look on his face remind you of your first driver’s license photo? Awkward!).

Stick ‘em in the bathroom, on the fridge in the kitchen, or let the kids take these to school for cute additions to their lockers or cubbies. These are some suckers you can definitely count on to get the little ones smiling.


  1. iMom

    Has anyone used these? They look super cute and I’m wondering what else they actually hold besides toothbrushes.

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