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Plush Bugs Playset

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Here’s the thing: it’s just kind of a faux-pas, as a child, to play outside and come back home with a handful of live insects (or dead ones come to think of it). Although you know it’s pretty awesome, your parents won’t be into it because they think It’s gross, messy and icky. Luckily, you can just stick with the FAO Schwarz Plush Bugs Playset! These soft creepy-crawly little creatures come in a variety of bugs, ranging from scary to scariest with a praying mantis, house fly, ant, honey bee, tarantula, and scorpion. Oh, the humanity! You can also stick your bugs to a huge plush rock, which conveniently doubles as a storage unit!

The lifelong answer of “which bug is the awesome-ist” will be answered as your kid starts their own Underground Bug Fight Club with all the other neighborhood hoodlums. My vote goes for praying mantis. Hey, don’t forget: first rule of Underground Bug Fight Club? DON’T talk about Underground Bug Fight Club. If you hurry up and jump on this, you can see your child play with bugs without worrying about smooshed insect and arachnid carcases all over the house, nasty bites, poison or contracting malaria.

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