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Pokemon Ditto Stud Earrings

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Ditto is a normal-type Pokemon with no particularly distinct features. It can’t evolve, it has no gender, and it is incapable of using any moves in its dormant state, other than one particular move. But that one is great, allowing Ditto to transform into a carbon copy of any other Pokemon, forming a perfect replica by altering its cellular structure. That’s what makes him/her special to us, because throughout all the Pokemon games, Ditto was what we needed, when we needed it. That, and Ditto can be very useful for breeding the right natures for your Pokemon, but we’ve got a different use for them here.

Now your lil’ gamer can show their appreciation for all Ditto’s hard work throughout the years, with these Pokemon Ditto studded earrings. They match each other perfectly, because let’s face it, Ditto is capable of copying whatever it wants. In this case, a pair of Ditto have copied some earrings, so your kid can wear their adorable, vestigial, smiling faces anywhere they want to take them. These Ditto are sculpted from clay (not blobby purple goo), hand-painted, and fastened with stainless steel. Why not buy a pair for your mini trainer’s next adventure?

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