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Pokemon Reshiram 11” Plush

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Reshiram is one of the two flagship Pokemon from the most recent game in the series, Black2 and White2. Its twin, Zekrom, is jet black. It is said that the two were actually a single Pokemon at one point in time, split when two brothers were arguing about whether truth or ideals were the right code to live by. Either way, having one of these legendary dragons is a major asset to any trainer’s team, and for any Pokemon fan, Reshiram makes an excellent choice.

This legendary fire dragon stands tall at a daunting 11”, and features movable joints, allowing for multiple poses. Reshiram can be posed in an action shot, ready to use Fusion Flare on any unsuspecting opponent. If you kids prefer him in fight, the wings can be moves outward, ready to fly at a moment’s notice. This particular plush toy is a limited import from Japan, so there’s a fair chance that this dragon will feel unique in any kid’s collection.

This Reshiram plush makes a great gift for any fan of Pokemon, particularly those who appreciate the power of legendary creatures. Let this dragon blast its way into your child’s collection before it’s gone.

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