Pokémon Toys, Figures, & Plushies for Kids

Check out this definitive list of the very best Pokémon toys, figures, and plushies every Pokémon trainer has gotta catch!

Two Poke Balls in the grass on a clear day photo

Even after twenty-five years, Pokémon is still going strong. It’s no wonder this franchise has got it all: Games, anime, manga, clothes, apps, and of course, toys. Many of us who started playing Pokémon as kids now have kids of our own, and with the recent Diamond and Pearl remakes, it’s an excellent time to recapture the adventure of the Pokémon world. Are you looking for a way to introduce you little trainees to the franchise? Maybe you just want to bond with your Pokémon Master to be? Either way, this collection of cute and cool Pokémon toys and memorabilia will have a something for everyone.

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Pokémon Toys & Figures

Mega Construx Charizard Set photo

Mega Construx Charizard Set

Now, if your little trainer is a bit younger or really into construction, this Charizard set will be right up their alley. With a posable body, flapping wings, and flame breath, this is one of the coolest—or should I say hottest?—construction sets out there. And it’s compatible with other major interlocking brick brands, so you can have Charizard hop around in other brick-built worlds.

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Pokémon Holiday Advent Calendar Contents photo

Pokémon Holiday Advent Calendar

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the advent calendar. It’s fantastic finding a few great presents under the tree on Christmas morning, and an advent calendar makes it even better, with twenty-four mini-gifts as an interactive countdown to the big day. Featuring sixteen toys and eight Christmas accessories, this is a fun activity brings something new every day of December. What’s cool about this is that there’s no year listed, so it works for any Christmas!

Pokémon Lugia Model Kit photo

Pokémon Lugia Model Kit

Some kids love working with their hands. Buying toys is one thing, but there can be something special about having something you’ve put together yourself. This model of Lugia, guardian of the seas, will be great for older kids, and its flapping wings give a dash of interactivity many models lack.

Pikachu Pokéball Ceramic Coin Bank photo

Pikachu Poké Ball Ceramic Coin Bank

Potions and Poké Balls don’t come cheap. Since you can’t just battle trainers to raise funds money in real life, you’ll have to teach money management another way. If you want to help your budding Pokémon master learn to save in style, this Pikachu coin bank is the way to go.

Electronic Die-Cast Poké Ball Replica Box and Contents photo

Electronic Die-Cast Poké Ball

For the serious Pokémon Masters out there, this die-cast replica Poké Ball is top of the line! Beautifully painted, with a high-polish finish, and a button that glows in multiple colors, the attention to detail is glorious. Let everyone know that you are the very best, like no one ever was! Just don’t go throwing this thing around, because the only thing you’ll be catching is a breeze from a broken window.

144pcs Pokémon Mini Figures photo

144 Pokémon Mini Figures

Well, we’ve gone over some of my favorite Pokémon, but everyone has their own tastes. Maybe you need even more variety? Well, these Pokémon miniatures have you covered. Coming in shipments of 144 pieces, these work for cake toppers, party favors, or setting up a Pokémon diorama. Sometimes good things come in small packages.

Pokémon Battle Figure 8-Pack photo

Pokémon Battle Figure Multi Pack

If I had to pick a perfect Pokémon lineup, this team would be a strong start. We have the classic Kanto starters, Eevee (with two of its most iconic eeveelutions), series’ mascot Pikachu, and slightly disturbing but highly adorable imitator in Mimikyu. This fabulous mix of types and looks means any trainer can find a favorite.

Pokémon Battle Feature Figure Gible & Zorua photo

Battle Figure Gible & Zorua

Of all the newer Pokémon designs, Gible and Zorua are among the best. Gible has the “ugly-cute” aesthetic which makes it adorable and unique at the same time. It’s like if Stitch was part shark. Zorua has a very cute kitsune look that should appeal to boys or girls and everyone in-between. These are another great pair of Pokémon for trainers of any age!

Official Pikachu Clip and Go Poké Ball photo

Official Pikachu Clip and Go Poké Ball

There’s one accessory that every trainer needs, young or old. That’s right, the Poké Ball! Here we have a well-modeled and fully functional Poké Ball which comes with a Pikachu figurine included. This toy is the ultimate prop for playing out imaginary battles with your kids.

Clip' N' Go Poke Ball Belt Set photo

Clip’ N’ Go Poke Ball Belt Set

If you’ve got a little trainer on the go, this Poké Ball belt is fantastic. It’s compatible with the Pokémon Battle Figures, and the strap can hold an entire team of six Poké Balls. It comes with two Poké Balls right off the bat as well as a Munchlax (or a Pikachu) to start your child’s team. This belt will be perfect for your kid’s first Pokémon journey.

Pokémon Plush

Pokemon Ditto Plush photo

Ditto Plush

Ditto has a peculiar appeal. From its dopey little face to its blobby body, it’s a bit like a living smiley face. Well, now everyone’s favorite blob can be a cuddly plush companion. It’s perfect for little ones to cuddle and relax with. What could be cuter?

Pokemon Gengar Plush Toy photo

Gengar Plush

Well, how about an even smaller Gengar, holding a little ditto pal? His starry eyes and cheeky grin are immediately endearing. It’s also lovely to see ditto wearing a different expression than its usual smiley. This perfect pair would make an even better trio with your little trainer.

Charizard Mega Evolution X & Y Plush Set of 2 photo

Charizard Mega Evolution X & Y Plush

What if your little trainer wants something that’s both cool and cuddly? Charizard is one thing, but let’s kick it up a notch with Mega Charizard! You can choose between Charizard X (blue/black) or Charizard Y (yellow/orange) and give the undisputed king of fire types to your child to snuggle and play with. Personally, I prefer Charizard X (Dragon types rule!) but to each their own.

Pokemon Eevee "Eeveelutions" bean plushies set of 9 photo

Eeveelutions Bean Plush

No Pokémon better represents the endless possibility of evolution better than Eevee. No matter your child’s type, there’s probably an Eeveelution that will fit. Well, now you can pick up a soft and cuddle bean plush of whichever form they gravitate to. If they’re a real Poké Fanatic, you can even collect them all!

Big Size Pikachu plushies (set of 3, varying sizes) photo

Big Size Plush Pikachu

Cute doesn’t always mean tiny. This Pikachu plush comes in sizes between ten centimeters all the way up to seventy-five! So, whether you want a teeny Pikachu for a shelf, a fluffy friend for your child to snuggle, or a larger, this pika-pal can accommodate. Cute really does come in all sizes.

Amigurumi Crochet Pokémon Original Starters photo

Amigurumi Crochet Pokémon Original Starters

If you’re looking for something with that soft and homemade feel, then it’s hard to go wrong with amigurumi. These crochet crafts come with the original starters of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow (i.e. Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu). Each has a simple but endearing look, and you can buy them as a group or individually.

Poké Ball Plush 5-Pack photo

Poké Ball Plush 5-Pack

To wrap things up, we have these Poké Ball plushies. Spring-loaded and hard plastic Poké Balls are great, but if you want to play the part of the Pokémon, your little trainer should be armed with something softer. These are dense and just the right size to throw, but soft enough, you won’t have to worry about them causing any significant damage. Comes with a standard Poké Ball, Master Ball, Ultra Ball, Quick Ball, and a Luxury Ball.