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Pop Rocks Vinyl Sid Vicious

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Part of punk rock’s consistent appeal for the past thirty years is that even people who aren’t great musicians (or musicians at all) can still play in a punk band. Come to think of it, the less you know, the better, and the worse you play as band, the more punk rock you are and the more punk rock your band will be. An odd formula, yes, but one that’s been finely tuned over time. It all began in the 70s by UK bands trying to prove to the world how little they cared about everything.

As the legendary bassist for the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious had to deal with being a crappy bass player (when he wasn’t having to deal with his girlfriend’s psychotic episodes); something that he never seemed to mind. Criticism of his skills were laughed at by him and the rest of the band, and added fuel to the fire whenever a reporter would ask Johnny Rotten about the Pistols’ seriousness as musicians.

Sid was punk’s anti-establishment hero. He’s an unsolved mystery in music history, a symbol of anarchy, and the perfect candidate for a Pop Rocks Vinyl figurine. For kids, learning to nevermind their parents’ bollocks will be especially exciting. With the toy version of Sid by their side, a copy of the only Sex Pistols album on repeat, and realizing that as easy as the bass is to learn, you don’t really have to if you don’t want, baby anarchist groups will start to pop up before we know it and we’ll all applaud in unison.

Catch this video of punks being punks in the natural punk state:

And also a video of punks being mouthy on national television:

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