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Popar Augmented 3D Reality Books

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For a lot of kids, books are a mixed bag: they are the key to unlocking a whole world of information, to exploring the mysteries of everything around them, and unlocking fabulous worlds of adventure. But reading can also be hard, especially with so many loud and bright distractions competing for attention. TV, the internet, and video games all compete for your kid’s mental real-estate, and books, which take time and energy to read and process, lose all too often.

Enter the Augmented 3D Reality book series from Popar. If you have a computer, and a few minutes to install the proprietary software and the free webcam that comes with it, then you can ignite (or rekindle) your kid’s interest in reading by introducing exciting new visual elements. When your child opens the pages of his or her book in front of your webcam, the book itself does not change, but the playing image on your computer screen will show planets floating in space, astronauts on the moon, and rockets blasting off into orbit.

This product is recommended for ages five and up, and helps to encourage good reading habits, as well as reinforce basic computer usage like operating devices and running software. Some supervision may be required, especially when it’s time to get your kid off the computer so that you can get some work done!

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