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Portal Art Print

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Turns out Society 6 has an excellent collection of beautiful wall prints to help your kids display their inner nerd. This particular image is one of my favorites and adds a flavor of something epic to the quirky and humorous world of Portal. Reminiscent of old school 80’s science fiction flicks that took themselves entirely too seriously, the artwork is gorgeously rendered and shows off the eponymous Portal gun with the game’s heroine, Chell, in quiet silhouette. The image screams of an intense gravity (pun!) that’s not really found in the game, but the irony of it is perfectly fitting for a story that involves a sentient potato.

Much like all of Society 6’s prints, this one can be purchased in a number of sizes and with differing levels of quality. The image comes as postcard size prints all the way to a massive two by three foot canvas, encouraging visions of Aperture puzzles and cake rewards in your child’s head instead of sugar-plums. If your gaming prodigy is of age to own their very own phone, the image can even be placed on the back of an iPone case allowing them to display their nerdom to the world with pride.

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