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Posters For Girls

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In many famous and beloved stories, girls are often relegated to damsel-in-distress characters, or pretty faces in the background. Looking down at your feisty, brilliant girl, you know that’s not the role your daughter was made for! Like Hermione Granger or Princess Leia, your little lady and many other girls are going to help save the world someday, whether it be through brains or brawn.

Encourage them to be the main character in their own story with these wonderful Posters for Girls from Switcheroo. There are four in all, measuring 16 x 20 each. “I am my own captain” features a sea-bound girl with little black kittens for deckhands, saluting her leadership. “I can save myself” depicts a little girl in armor, riding a noble steed into battle. “I am wild” shows a female sasquatch, perfect for the little wild girl that you swear was raised by wolves. “I am a maverick” features a girl jumping bravely out of a jet, ready for her next adventure.

These whimsical posters, illustrated by Amanda Visell, are sure to impress anyone who sees them. Your daughter will love the characters and story told in each image, and when she grows up to save the day, she’ll remember it was you who inspired her to do so.

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