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PotatOS Science Kit

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There exists a favorite American pastime wherein children barely old enough to write a complete sentence are forced to create something that demonstrates their understanding of the fundamental laws of nature: the Science Fair. The result? A gymnasium filled wall to wall with nothing but potato batteries and the occasional vinegar-fueled volcano.

Portal 2 gave a nod to parents across the nation when they changed one of the game’s central characters into a talking potato fueled by the latent chemical electricity inside a spud. The game itself is highly educational for your kids, and now Think Geek has created this little beauty so your children can enjoy being insulted by a talking potato in their everyday life.

That’s right, not only does this potato battery light up, but it also has the in-game dialogue programmed, so with the push of a button you can hear a potato make fun of your big, fat eyes. (Get it? Potato? Eyes? Get it? Oh, nevermind.) Two things to be aware of when purchasing your insulting spud battery: Think Geek does not supply you with the potato, and sadly there is no normal potato that generates enough voltage to actually run the PotatOS, so the device has a supplementary battery that may need to be changed on occasion. That said, the gadget will not function until it’s plugged into an actual potato, so you don’t have to tell your kids about the backup battery.

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