Are The Powerpuff Girls Back?


It’s been eight years since the last new Powerpuff Girls episode aired, and I’m still trying to put my finger on what it was about that show that made it so dang awesome. Was it the quick and dirty one-liners, a la Rocko’s Modern Life? Or was it the disturbingly hilarious lineup of villains? The snappy visual style, the superhero powers, Mojo Jojo’s accent? The fact that Bubbles speaks Spanish? There are too many hilarious things packed into this show to be able to pick just one.

If you miss Powerpuff Girls in the Firefly-level amounts that I do, I have some fantastic news for you: it’s back!

Unfortunately, it’s only back for one special episode, airing on Cartoon Network on January 20th at 7:30pm EST. But oh what an episode it will be!

“Dance Pansed” will feature all of the original voice actors with the inexplicable addition of the the indelibly quirky Ringo Starr. Starr will voice a flamboyant mathematician named Fabonacci Sequins, and will also contribute an original song and music video to the episode.  A Beatle and The Powerpuff Girls joining forces? I must be in oddball psychedelic heaven.


To help celebrate their triumphant return, let’s have a look at the ways The Powerpuff Girls have left their mark on pop culture forever.


You know your brand has made it big when it gets thrown into the pop culture mashup maker and comes out smooshed into DC Comics characters.


Comic Books

While on the surface The Powerpuff Girls franchise may seem like just a fad, the number of series-inspired comic books published tell a different story. Powerpuff Girls comics remain popular even now with the newest installment of IDW’s fan-created series simply titled The Powerpuff Girls.


At the height of their comic book glory, The Powerpuff Girls were once even on DC Comic’s lineup of offerings.




The true measure of how successful your pop culture icon has become is whether or not you can find a costume of it on Amazon. Guess what?


So toss on your legwarmers and tune in on January 20th. If you need a Powerpuff Series refresher before the big event, Cartoon Network will air a 10-episode marathon on the 19th.



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