‘The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville’ Takes Us Back to Sidescroller Classics


What’s a Steam gamer to do during the dry months before the outrageously cheap Steam Summer Sale? Are we just supposed to sit around and play all those games we got last year? Heck no. A gamer’s collection is never finished. That’s why Steam tosses us a nice little cookie every now and then like The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville, on sale until March 21st.

How many hours of the day can you possibly play all those shooters and massive RPG’s in your library?

Ok, don’t answer that.

But still, I like my shelves to be punctuated with innovative titles like BIT.TRIP, Limbo or Gone Home. I think I can find a little space for Defenders of Townsville in the ‘quirky’ section of my collection.

The main attraction here is that parents who feel a twinge of nostalgia when conjuring up memories of Megaman or Metroid will have an awesome time playing this updated sidescroller with their kids. As if that’s not enough, the soft spot I have in my heart for traditional platformers like these is right next to the one I have for the Powerpuff Girls series.


Play as all three girls, toggling between the ‘classic’ and ‘modern’ looks as you zoom around a world served up one scrolling screen-chunk at a time (just like the old days) to help you transition between the old PPG look and the one from the new Special.

We me may not have much science to back up the educational merits of sidescrollers, but aren’t we all living proof that kids who play these kinds of games turn out to be awesome adults? Do your kids a favor.

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