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Predator The Forest Food Chain Game

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We know what you’re thinking, because we thought it too, and no, this isn’t a board game based on the 1987 horror/action/Arnold Schwarzenegger film Predator; nor is it a board game based on the 1990 Danny Glover sequel – then again, thankfully, it’s also not based on any of the movies that came after (not even Predators, which was a vast improvement).

Instead, Predator the Forest Food Chain Game is exponentially more educational, and teaches your kids about food chains in a fun and competitive way. The game is based on eco-balance: players play their predator cards, and take cards which represent the predator’s food source, while giving away cards that are eaten by other player’s predators. It’s a fun, organic way to learn about the complex relationships of predator and prey.

This game is recommended for grades 3 and up, and includes 40 cards, representing plants, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. There is a fair amount of reading on the cards as each predator and prey has multiple options and interrelations. Some clarification and supervision will probably be necessary at first, but don’t worry: at no point will your children have to get to the chopper.

If you missed the Predator musical then you’ll want to watch this.

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