Prepare to Board the Enterprise: Star Trek Products

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Picking the right Star Trek toys for you and your children can be difficult. There are just so many things filled with all the awesome! But, do not fret. I have taken control of the conn and have plotted the perfect course through the vast space of the internet, and have selected nine Star Trek toys to get you and your family started on your journey.

1. Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser and Communicator Set

Phaser-Communicator Set

Your family cannot leave on any away mission unless all members are equipped with a phaser and a communicator set. The phaser is a Type-I and Type-II combination, with lights, sounds and motion. The communicator also plays the iconic sound when you flip it open. Just be sure to set your phaser to stun and avoid dressing your child in a red shirt. That will not bode well for your away mission. Unless, of course, your children are on your last nerve and you’re willing to take some chances. If you want to make playtime extra fun, you can also purchase a Klingon disruptor and act out a high-action Federation vs Klingon Empire battle scene with your children. The phaser and communicator can also be purchased separately. When purchased separately, the communicator is available in multiple models.

Bonus: If you are looking for a fun project to do with your children, you can hack the communicator so that it acts as a Bluetooth receiver for your mobile phone.

2.       Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Communicator

Wrath of Khan Communicator

The Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan communicator is one of my favorites in my Star Trek toy collection. With multiple sound settings, including the infamous, “KHAAAN!” line, your child will either drive you mental, or fill you with joy as they run around re-enacting scenes from my favorite Star Trek movie, while rapidly firing off the quotes, and beg you to get in on the action.

3.       Tribbles


TRIBBLES! Do I really have to say more? Not convinced of their usefulness? Not only will having a houseful of Tribbles protect you from a Klingon invasion, but they are an excellent stress release. Available in multiple colors and sizes, the Tribbles purr when hit. Having a stressful day? The children driving you up the wall? Spanking the Tribble, instead of the alternative, truly helps. You’ll have to trust me on this. If you have a child who needs to keep busy, giving them a Tribble to play with will help get rid of some of their kinetic energy.

4.       Star Trek Action Figures

Action figures

You and your children can re-enact and create many scenes from Star Trek with more action figures than you shake a Klingon pain stick at. From Minimates and cloth retro figures, to the standard sized action figures and select scenes, and the ultimate quarter scale figures of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, your imagination is the limit. Many of the figures can be purchased in sets, just in case you don’t know where to begin.

5.       Star Trek Scale Model Kits

Model kit

I’m not sure there’s many better ways of spending a weekend with your child than building a scale model of a Star Trek starship, or many, with him or her. Obviously, your child needs a starship if they are going to boldly go.

6.       Star Trek: The Original Series Tricorder


Available as a regular tricorder, a medical tricorder, a geological tricorder, a geological tricorder and phaser set, or a geological tricorder and communicator set, these Original Series replicas are a must have if you want to take your family’s away mission to the next level. The geological tricorder has many features, including a light-up screen, removable sample containers, lights and sounds. The regular tricorder also has lights and sounds, and a removable scanning device. The medical tricorder not only has lights and sounds, but it also included seven iconic quotes from Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy. If you want to be perfectly prepared, you can purchase the landing party pack which includes the regular tricorder, a phaser, and a communicator.

7.       Spock Bust Banks

Mr Spock bust bank

Due for a release in December 2013, you’ll want to pre-order the perfect piggy bank for your child: a Mister Spock bust bank. Teaching your child to save when they are young is only logical.

8.       Star Trek: The Original Series Electronic Door Chime


These door chimes can be put to multiple uses. Put your child in timeout in their bedroom? Need to know if they are trying to escape the dreaded brig? You can set the door chime to sense motion. As soon as they try to sneak out of their cage, an alert will be sounded. Tired of your Gorn mask-wearing children sneaking up on you while you work in your home office, trying to scare the sh!t out of you? Put another one on the outside of your office door. Why not put one on the outside of all bedrooms? With multiple sound settings, including sound-activation-only on the touch of a button, no starship (home) is complete without them.

9.       Star Trek Construction Sets

Construction set

When you are finished building Star Trek models with your child, spend the evening constructing one of many KRE-O Star Trek construction sets. Don’t let the fact they are rebooted timeline sets distract you from the quality-time you will have with your son or daughter.

The course has been plotted. Now, it is time for you to engage your child and boldly play in your favorite corner of the Star Trek universe.

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