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Pretty In Punk Tattoos

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Everyone who gets a tattoo for the first time remembers sitting in a chair, or on a toilet seat, or in the alleyway of a certain, scuzzy rock venue, and feeling the needle to skin that would create your first tramp stamp or butterfly wings (perhaps even a skull or three to emphasize how much you detested society) which, in your mind, made you the baddest mutha in town. They were a nice addition towards an unbridled effort in dousing yourself in as much ink as possible and striving to become the next knock off of a Ray Bradbury-invented character. Cause seriously, the Illustrated Man is purdy awesome and every inked individual has had this goal. Normally we would wait until we were like 18 or 19, but for young’uns ages 12 and below, they no longer need their parents consent for a commemorative tat that proclaims that they love things other than dollies and other typical little girl stuff.

From Savi comes temporary tats for your little she-punk in a variety of over 50 different styles to choose from. There’s a few skull and crossbones, hearts with flames, guitars with wings, cherries with stems, pirates with polka-dot bandanas, and badass chicks with really cool hair, accented in a pretty, pink hue. Your rocker-in-training will be one step closer to the beginning of her career as a tatted diva, all without the “ow” factor. And hopefully this will prep her for what’s to come, when unfortunately, the tattoo process won’t be quite as kind and removal will require more than H2O to wash away the regret.

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