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Primus Suck On This T-Shirt

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There are few live acts that draw in a crowd as well as Les Claypool. Have you ever noticed this? As the once lead singer of Primus—a band people go gaga over like they do Neil Diamond for some reason—whenever he comes to town people instantly freak out like they would if a combination Phish, Dave Matthews, and ICP convention were travelling through towns across the country (and yes, we can perish that thought immediately). But seriously, people’s minds explode and pandemonium ensues.

A friend of a friend who was really an enemy of mine with flaming red hair HAD to see Les Claypool whenever he’d play in Boston or Providence. It was annoying—not the music!—just the fact that she HAD to see him. But honestly, being in a band responsible for popularizing sludgy bass lines in a mainstream way that The Melvins couldn’t (but did in a non-streamy way) allowed them to create a niche sound of the 90s that wasn’t Grunge or the second alternative boom in 1995.

So, if you’re like the fiery redhead who never fails to annoy because you’re not as annoying as she was (still is) then treating your multiple little ones (or your one little one) to a tee shirt (a PRIMUS tee shirt) that’s mildly suggestive should be your next move as the awesome parent you are that goes against the grain. The Primus “Suck On This” T-Shirt is 100% cotton, available in a wide array of colors pleasing to the eyes of both you and your baby. Also, there’s a cutoff point (two years to be exact) so don’t go thinking you can get matching t-shirts or anything, ADULT!

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