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Princes And Princesses DVD

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Before you discount this movie because of it’s English subtitles, hear us out. You and the kids will definitely want to see this film, over and over again.

Straight from Michel Ocelot, the animator of Kirikou and the Wild Beasts, Princes and Princesses achieves much more than what you’re expecting from a movie with silhouette animation. Much more. The film is made up of a compilation of 6 short fairy tales and “retro-future” stories, involving pharaohs and ancient Egypt, medieval kings, pitiless queens, and of course, princes and princesses. Each short has a subtle moral kids can pick up on too, so that takes a long chat about right vs. wrong off your hands.

While older kids will probably appreciate the stories more because they’re able to read the subtitles, younger kids will still love the amazing graphics and dramatic scenes that unfold here—plus, they’ll get a free introduction to the French language. Princes and Princesses is produced by Didier Brunier (The Triplets of Belleville) and was a winner at the Chicago International Children Film Festival. And though reviews hardly tell the full story of a film’s worth, they do in this case. Just try to find a bad review of this film. We dare ya!

Don’t worry the DVD is subtitled English.

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