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Princess Peach Crib Quilt

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Blankies not only keep your child toasty warm while they sleep, they’ve also doubled as many a child’s best friend and comfort item. Even the bravest of toddlers feel anxiety and fear, and blankets and stuffed best friends help them feel calm. This Princess Peach Crib Quilt from Geek Unique on Etsy is the nerdiest comfort item/bedding that money can buy. It’s 36×36, so it’ll be great for babies and toddlers alike.

Geek Unique features several quality gamer-inspired products, and their feedback is 100% positive. Every quilt is made to order, so colors and patterns may vary somewhat, but it means you’re getting a truly one-of-a-kind item. The quilt is made with 100% cotton fabric and polyester batting.

So swaddle your little nerd with the magical powers of the Princess! Far from being the damsel in distress, over time Peach has proven her ability to guard the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, her pixelated portrait will guard your child, and look awesome in their crib. She’ll keep them warm throughout naptime and bedtime and when they get older and start carrying the blanket around, it’ll tell everyone how awesomely nerdy their parents are.

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