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Once upon a time, a grade school science wiz couldn’t step foot on a playground without getting trounced by a dozen bullies. But in this tech-obsessed era, we’d like to think jocks are likely to kiss up to anyone they consider a potential future Bill Gates. With that in mind, we present these products designed to stimulate the minds of aspiring young scientists.


Snap Circuits Green-Alternative Energy Kit


Are your children annoyed about the contaminated tap water they’ve been drinking ever since the oil well down the block from your home started getting fracked? Has your tyke had enough of ongoing war in the Middle East? Does little Billy or Suzy find it just plain upsetting that global warming will melt the polar ice caps, cause apocalyptic natural catastrophes and probably kill us all before they can enjoy old age? Maybe your kid is just scientifically curious, as opposed to absolutely terrified, like every adult should be.  In any of these cases, perhaps you should snag this Green-Alternative Energy Kit for your offspring’s education and amusement.


From the Illinois-based TV repair suppliers turned toy hawkers, Elenco, the 40 little components in this box can be assembled into almost 130 different types of mini-renewable energy resources, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric. The Amazon description declares that certain combinations of parts can generate enough juice to power an FM radio. Such a scenario would provide a kid with a lesson in science and an introduction to relics from the pre-internet dark ages.

Snap Circuits Encyclopedia of Light Kit


We’re not sure if it’s necessarily a swell idea to encourage any child’s interest in rave culture. But if you want your sprat to throw the most mind-bending underground parties in town someday, letting them absorb the mechanics behind a bangin’ light show with LEDs and glow in the dark effects couldn’t hurt.


A few of the 175 experiments in the Encyclopedia of Light Kit enable young’uns to synch up a strobe with music piped through an MP3 player. Plus, as Elenco designed its snap circuit kits to click with each other, the light kit combines with the above-mentioned alternative energy gizmos. Say what you will about ravers, but it’s nice that many of them make a point not to keep their sparkly shenanigans eco-friendly, and the mini-raves made possible with these kits won’t leave a carbon footprint. You can purchase the Encyclopedia of Light Kit by clicking here.

Both sets make good gifts for kids over the age of 8, but be cautious with minors who haven’t reached that level of maturity. You really don’t want toddlers chewing on any of the light kit’s 60 pieces, we assure you.

Shocking Science Books


Of course, a cheaper way to foster a kid’s interest in science might be to get them reading a few books on the subject. Some of Nerdy’s expert sources recommend Cool Circuits and Wicked Wires: Special Sparky Experiments by Susan Martineau, but we’re a bit more captivated by The Shocking World of Electricity with Max Axiom, Super Scientist by Liam O’Donnell.


Like all the other Max Axiom books, the latter plays out like a knowledge-expanding comic book. As much as we can appreciate knowledge-expansion here at Nerdy, we probably like comic books even more.

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