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Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

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You might think it difficult for games to be ported to movies without losing a substantial amount of their appeal in translation; such is the case with many of the films based on games in today’s era. Thankfully, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva maintains all of the quirky charm and mystery that any game in the Layton series has, and still manages to be a fun, captivating movie that you and your kids will enjoy. That is, if you’re fans of the Layton games, or puzzling in general.

The film takes place on a cruise ship with an Opera House (extravagant much?), as Jenis Quatlane, and old friend of Layton and Luke, is set to perform. All is not what it seems on the ship, and, of course, the situation quickly turns awry. What follows is an intriguing mystery spanning across London, as any fan of the series has come to expect by now. Puzzles are abound throughout the film, and viewers are given ample time to solve them before the Professor reveals solutions.

It may not be a pitch-perfect translation of game to screen, but if your kids are looking for more Professor Layton, The Eternal Diva is a fun movie that contains most of the elements that make the series so engaging and entertaining.

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