Programmable robotic rover from young explorers

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Programmable Robotic Rover

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While many parents may be preparing their children for the zombie apocalypse by teaching them the skills necessary to survive, they’re ignoring the primary (and probably more realistic) existential threat to humanity: robots. Do your children have the skills they need to navigate a world governed by our new robot overlords? Do they have the knowledge necessary to truly understand the nature of our mechanical progeny?

Gaining an early grasp on robots and programming are the first steps on the long road to waging an effective resistance against the machines (and getting a kick-ass job when they get older). Now you can start that training with a simple, friendly robot. SmartLab’s ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover is just what you need to get your kids excited about robotics. More than just a toy, this automaton will teach your children the basics of programming as they set tasks for the rover such as navigating along a path, delivering items to a specific person or place, or performing tasks at specific times of day.

The ReCon 6.0 comes with a users’ guide that has projects of increasing complexity to get your kids started on their path to robot mastery. Don’t leave them unprepared when the Singularity comes; get started today with this educational toy.

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