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Property of Arkham T-Shirt

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You would think with how often the Joker manages to escape from Arkham Asylum, that anyone could pull it off. I know that half the time he’s in there, the Joker got caught by choice, but it really makes you wonder if even your kids could escape, with such inept security running the place. Of course, we would never want our children anywhere near a maximum security prison, or any of the crazy inmates bound to be inside this particular one, but I’m sure they could get out with little trouble, if they had to.

Drawn up in bright orange (to be easily identifiable as prison garb), the Property of Arkham youth tee is a perfect fit for any young fan of Batman lore. The shirt is available in multiple sizes, so any little escapee can feel right at home in it, provided they like wearing orange shirts. It’s also 100% preshrunk cotton, so when your kids come stumbling home in it after a rough night of prison-breaking, you can put it in the wash knowing it’ll come out looking the same.

Or we can save everyone the trouble and post bail before this whole ordeal gets out of hand. Do they even offer that for junior Arkham inmates?

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