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Puff The Magic Dragon Blanket

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Puff the Magic Dragon Blanket Puppet Friend. Holy hand grenade that’s a very descriptive title for what appears to be a towel with a dragon head stuck to it. Regardless, this blanket is actually pretty awesome. I have a love for items that serve multiple purposes and as you can tell from the name, this one certainly fits the bill.

You can cram your hand into the skull of Puff and work the mouth so the tots will be entertained, plus the blanket is super soft to lull them off to Honah Lee. Amazingly, they didn’t mention one of its key features in the name: this here blankie is mega eco-friendly. It’s made from organic cotton and is dyed with low impact environmentally-friendly inks. Great for the wee ones and great for nature at the same time. Of course, you can’t just get the blanket without having proper reference material, so make sure you pick up the book as well.

Puff isn’t the only magic dragon. There’s also Piff, who starred in the recent Penn & Teller Magic show. I know this isn’t very relevant to a blanket, but who doesn’t like magic? Anyhow, here’s his funny performance from the show.

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