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Punk Farm by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

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Who knew that a cow, a chicken, a pig, a goat, and a sheep could out-punk the most hardcore of punk rock bands themselves? Not many of us–but apparently they can. So the story goes, when Farmer Joe drifts off to sleep, every barnyard wastoid gets ready to thrash as their favorite band of animal punk rockers plug in their gear and rock the barn out to a non-stop set of tunes. Their notable track, a rebellious cover of Old McDonald, always incites a raging circle pit of feathers and aggression (and some egg yolk) that eventually falls into a clusterf**k of hardcore chicken-dancing and animal crowd-surfing. If Farmer J wasn’t always on the brink of dying, maybe he’d do something to stop this. So let’s be happy that he is.

This rad-ass children’s book may soon find its way to the big screen. With videos on Youtube and a devoted fanbase since its publication in 2005, Punk Farm continues in its popularity amongst kids who yearn for the harder and grittier side of music. For those who involve themselves in punk at an early age, it’s usually a response to not fitting in, feeling like outcasts, and feeling plain ol’ different. But Punk Farm teaches kids that to be weird is to be awesome and anything else would be boring. Which they should never do, for they aren’t sheep. (Cue rimshot).

Wanna see some barnyard animals rock out like New York gutter punks (but a whole lot cleaner)?

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