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Punk-ifier Zippit Pacifier Case

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There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re a parent: from the trillions of toys you haul with you wherever you go, to the hundreds of snacks and juice boxes that will keep your baby from going thirsty and hungry,and the crazy amounts of assorted clothing items you stuff in places that aren’t even meant for storage. It’s almost impossible NOT to lose something in the mess of necessary items that overflow your pockets, diaper bag, and stroller. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a few unique storage cases that held the small things that tend to get lost in the mix?

The Punk-ifier Zippit Pacifier Case at Wry Baby is important not only for daily outings in the park, but also for those times when you take your little one out for some kiddie moshing. Capable of carrying up to two –TWO! — pacifiers at a time, the Zippit Case, which comes in a rainbow of exciting and juicy colors, stores those easy-to-lose pacifiers in one safe place at all times. This handy tool even comes built-in with the special Gromm-O-Vent for paci drying inside of the case (instead of in your shirt pocket…eeeeww). The sturdy swivel hook also allows you to hang it from so it won’t get lost anywhere outside of the safe zone (aka you).

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