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Punk Princess Cat

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Let’s face it, kitties would be way more hardcore if they all had pink fur and the word “PUNK” embedded on their bodies, right? Right. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t the way things work in nature. Most kitty kitty meow meows don’t really feel comfortable wearing polka dotted neckties or bows in their hair, they’d rather just eat and be lazy in the pleasure of their own kitty fur. But there is one cat–just one!–that breaks the mold.

The Punk Princess Cat by Webkinz is a virtual plush pet that never says no to thrashing out on stage whether it’s in front of an audience of a thousand or 999 less. This spunky, Rock-till-they-drop kinda cat is the perfect gift for any little punker in the family. With hot pink fur, jet-black stripes, and optional black or white neck tie, this blue-eyed, crazy kitty can even comes complete with her own dressing room vanity (sold separately) to ensure her performance (and looks) are 100% Rock N’ Roll all the time. And to top off this mosh-tastic gift, this plush, punky-pink princess comes with a her own supply of Funky Fish Sticks to ensure that before every show, her appetite is always fed, because we know that if it isn’t, that can certainly lead to destruction! Also look forward to a free pack of Rock Bandz Silly Bandz Bracelets, a definite item to have when matching up your little one’s style with their favorite punk rock cat.

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