Punk Rock-a-Bye Baby: Drum & Bib for Rocking Infants


Music is an integral part of any child’s development. You see it in the millions of music programs offered in communities everywhere — for young babies, toddlers and pre-tweens, whose parents wish to incorporate music into their children’s lives. You also see this whenever a little cherub happens to bang on stuff.

Unlike cats, who never know what’s going on, kids have an inherent gift: that of driving their parents up the wall (and finding it highly amusing ). There is a solution, however: The Preschool Big Drum from Plan Toys. You can add it to your child’s already-extensive line of wooden spoons and rattles, but chances are this drum will quickly become his or her favorite toy.


With drumsticks made for little hands, an adjustable lanyard and the perfect-sized surface for kids to drum on, the Preschool Big Drum is specifically designed for enhancing the development of children ages 36 months and older. And with a “long-term commitment to promot[ing] healthy childhood development and environmental health,” this drum is great for getting out preschool aggression and also for saving our Earth, which is always a good thing. (They use non-toxic “E-Zero glue!)

But a drumming baby is a hungry baby, and so we have the totally rocking Union Jack Baby Bib.


Fashioned with two safety pins and a cool PUNK! label attached for maximum effect, the Union Jack Baby Bib is a unique guard against stains (not Staines) when your little punks decide to fling their mashed sweet potato concoction everywhere because what could be more punk rock than throwing food at your parents? It’s fun and they don’t really get yelled at — yet. And with super Velcro attachment, putting on and taking off the Union Jack makes washing it three times a day that much easier. Too bad goggles are not included.

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