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Punk Rock Crib Bedding

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Laying your child’s head down for a peaceful night’s sleep on sheets splashed with little ducks and bunnies is–simply put–dull. But laying your child’s head down on skull and rose sheets? That would be righteous.

When it comes to little rock ‘n’ rollers, their sleeping quarters should be just as crazy and over-the-top as their crazy, baby lifestyle: waking up at 3am, screaming, throwing things and being destructive. This punk rock behavior begs to be paired with images that match them to a T, so why make sure your little one’s bedding is filled with images that Axl himself would approve of? There is absolutely no harm in this and the good people over at have obliged.


For all rocker babes, this super-cool GnR-inspired bedding design is fitting for most cribs and toddler beds that are begging to be skulled and crossboned. It’s never too early to teach your little rebel to stick it to the man, and you won’t find this high quality, super soft rock-worthy crib bedding in any corporate chain, especially the kind where eggshell blue is the predominant color of everything.

It’s the perfect design for alt-parents who can appreciate that a kid with a little attitude still needs safe, flame-retardant bedding that will resist fraying, flattening or fading. Rock stars aren’t the only ones who can get everything they want.


In addition to the rad design, it’s also 100% cotton and comes in either a 3- or 5-piece set that includes a crib sheet, bumper, dust ruffle, reversible crib comforter, and crib pillow…OH MY! And the kicker? You can custom design your baby’s bedding and add like, daggers and brass knuckles and chains and stuff. Yes! That would be metal as hell.






  1. Sweet. Good testing ground for stage dives on this thing.

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