Punk Rock and Drag Racing with ‘Munsters’ Action Figures


There’s not a lot that isn’t awesome about The Munsters. An edgy take on suburbia, the 60’s sitcom was irreverent and satirical with comedy that holds up surprisingly well. Recently, Diamond Select Toys has released a line of action figures from the Munsters episode “Hot Rod Herman” in which the family of classic monster villains takes on the local drag racing circuit.

Herman Munster and his family live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, to the shock and dismay of their very normal neighbors. The running gag is that we know they’re pretty weird, but they most certainly don’t. They just do their thing and think their waspy neighbors (and hot blonde cousin housemate) are the weird ones.

Most Munsters episodes are pretty awesome, since the show is basically classic horror meets modern culture done hilariously right. Add an extra layer of the view we now have of 60s sitcoms being kitschy and nostalgic, and you can see why this series has only gotten better on the shelf.

There’s one episode, however, that stands out in most people’s minds as the pinnacle of Munster awesomeness. For one, we get to see what a Munster drag racer would look like (think Hearses and coffins). Check out a highlight reel of “Hot Rod Herman:”

The Hot Rod Herman Munsters set is actually the 3rd wave in a series of Munsters toys from Diamond Select. Wave 1 and 2 include the Munsters in their nomal day-to-day attire, with options for sets in color and black and white.


The new set includes Hot Rod Grandpa, who came to Herman’s rescue after he lost his car in the race. As it turns out, Grandpa is way too cool for drag racing, but he threw together the winning car to get the family hearse back. Naturally, vampire grandpa’s speedster was fashioned out of a coffin.


Ever the picture of feminine loveliness, bride-of-Frankenstein inspired Lily Munster is ready to root on Herman and Grandpa as long as she has her parasol.pTRU1-16388277enh-z6


And of course, the set must include Hot Rod Herman himself, the “150-year-old teenage punk” who has to “get out there and drag it with the gasses.”


If all of this is making you want to drag race in a Hearse, Diamond Select also makes a Munsters Minimates Koach Vehicle that comes complete with a Herman Munster Minimate. Keep in mind, however, that this drag racing hearse is too small for anything but LEGO-sized figures.


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